Root Canals

Root canal therapy involves complete removal of the pulp, sometimes called the nerve, of the tooth.

What’s a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy involves complete removal of the pulp, sometimes called the nerve, of the tooth. When this pulp becomes infected by bacterial decay or has been fully exposed due to a break or crack, it will need to be removed. Most often, an exposed or infected pulp will cause severe pain and sensitivity that will not go away until it is removed. Dr. Melissa Schuldt is able to perform the root canal in-office at your earliest convenience.

Why are Root Canals necessary?

Normally, a root canal is necessary if decay has been able to reach down to the pulp of a tooth. If a cavity was ignored and never filled, it may get to the point where a complete root canal is needed. Alternatively, a root canal may be necessary if a tooth has cracked, broken or fractured and exposed the pulp. If you are experiencing serious pain or sensitivity to both cold and hot liquids, this could signal that you require a root canal.

What makes you a viable candidate for Root Canal Therapy?

To decipher if root canal therapy is needed, you’ll have to come into our office for a complete exam and consultation. We may take an x-ray of the tooth to determine if the pulp has been infected or exposed. We will then schedule you to come in to have the root canal performed in our office. Most people who need a root canal should have the treatment done since it helps to prevent the tooth from being fully extracted.

What can be expected during the Root Canal procedure?

Local anesthetic is all that is required to perform root canal therapy. The tooth is kept separate from other areas of the mouth using a dental dam. The decay is fully removed from the tooth and the pulp exposed. Special instruments are then used by Dr. Melissa Schuldt to carefully and fully remove the pulp. The canals of the actual tooth are cleaned to ensure no remnants of pulp remain. The canals are filled completely with a specialized material that contains medication. The hole that was created in the tooth is replaced with composite and hardened into place. The procedure takes less than an hour in our office from start to finish.

If you think you might require a root canal or want to know more about this procedure, call our office and we will work to get you scheduled for an appointment.