Dentures and Partials

Full dentures feature an entire arch of false teeth, meant to replace missing teeth.

What is a Denture and Partial?

Full dentures feature an entire arch of false teeth, meant to replace missing teeth. A partial denture only has several teeth attached to the appliance where you’re missing some of your teeth. Both appliances are removable and are custom made to enhance your smile. In some instances, patients may have dental implants placed in order to keep their dentures securely in place.

Why are Dentures and Partials needed?

Most often, a denture or partial is needed because you’re either missing all of your teeth or many of them. For patients who are only missing one or two teeth, a partial and denture may not be suitable. However, the appliance is easy and comfortable to wear. Your denture can last for anywhere from five to seven years before it’ll need to either be relined or replaced.

What makes you a good candidate for either a Denture or Partial?

Apart from extractions and possible dental implants, the actual procedure to make and place either a denture or partial is easy and requires absolutely no surgery. Most patients who are missing many or all of their teeth are good candidates for this particular appliance. You can think of your new denture as a type of prosthetic, since it mimics the look and even feel of your real teeth.

What to expect during the Denture and Partial procedure?

Before having a denture or partial made, you’ll come in for an exam and consultation with Dr. Melissa Schuldt. In some cases, extractions are necessary before an appliance can be made. You will then have impressions, or molds, taken of your teeth and sent to a lab. The professional dental lab techs work to custom create your new denture. You’ll then come back into the office to have the appliance fitted. Small adjustments are made to ensure a proper and comfortable fit. You’ll be given important instructions on how to care for your new appliance and when to come in for relining or replacement.

If you would like a denture or partial, or you want to know more about this procedure, call our office today and our staff members will be happy to answer any of your questions.