Dental Fillings

Fillings help to retain the integrity and strength of a tooth that has had a cavity.

What’s a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is put in place of dental decay. If you have a cavity, the decay will need to be removed and the small hole that is left is filled with composite resin material. This filling is tooth-colored in nature and virtually undetectable to the naked eye. Fillings help to retain the integrity and strength of a tooth that has had a cavity.

Why are Dental Fillings needed?

A dental filling is often required if a cavity is found in one or more of your teeth. If left untreated, the decay can continue to infect the tooth and eventually require either a root canal or full extraction. The filling helps to put a stop to the progression of the decay and save the tooth. Fillings are durable and long-lasting, typically lasting for many years before replacement is needed.

What makes you a good candidate for a Dental Filling?

Most patients who have cavities are good candidates for dental fillings. Fillings are ideal for both pediatric as well as adult patients. The procedure is simple, requiring only local anesthetic. For pediatric patients, other forms of sedation are available to make the process more comfortable for them.

What should you expect during the Dental Filling procedure?

Dr. Melissa Schuldt will first administer local anesthesia to make the filling procedure comfortable. Next, the decay is removed from the tooth using a slow speed drill. Once the decay has been fully removed, the small hole that has been created is cleaned and dried. The tooth is then prepared for the new filling before it can be placed. The composite resin material is then placed into the hole and smoothed out for a perfect, seamless fit. The material is cured using a bright light and you’ll be ready to go home. The local anesthetic should wear off in just a few hours.

If you think you may need a dental filling or would like to learn more about this procedure, call our office today and we’ll work to get you scheduled with an appointment.